Daniel Bennett (1981) is a multi-media artist from the Netherlands who works with prints, sound and sculpture. He studied fine art at the artEZ Zwolle in the Netherlands. Daniels studio is in Baarn, next to his art practice he has a teaching degree.

Bennett is inspired by visual sound and rhythms that shape the world around us. creative process starts with capturing sounds that appeal to him. He uses recording techniques to gather sounds of natural and industrial environments, human voices, or instrumental arrangements from different countries. He then transforms these sounds into soundscapes, songs as well as sonic art using traditional printing methods and drawing.

Bennett’s works invite the viewers to consciously listen and experience sound in their daily lives. The dialogue between ‘the ear and the eye’ sound and visuals spark the imagination of the viewer/listener to create her or his own story. His print work deals with the theme of memory and shows a mystical uncanny world, showing a fascination for textures, illustrations prints and photography from old archives magazines and manuals.

Daniel’s artworks has received international recognition and have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs around the world.

About Bennett
Photo by Joran Koster 2017